Information regarding the funding, structure, and legal status of our Association is publicly accessible. We publish our financial statements and detail all sources of funding, encompassing grants we have executed, commercial collaborations, and partnerships with large online platforms.

Financing and assets of the Demagog Association

The Demagog Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association, operates in accordance with the Law on Associations dated April 7, 1989, and this Statute, and holds legal entity (Article 1 of the Statute).

The sources contributing to the formation of the Association’s assets include:

  1. membership fees;
  2. donations, bequests and legacies, funds from private donations, public funds;
  3. income from the Association’s statutory activities, income from the Association’s assets, capital income (interest, deposits, shares);
  4. income from immovable and movable property owned or used by the Association;
  5. subsidies, subventions, contracts, public funds, grants;
  6. income from supplementary economic activities conducted in addition to the socially beneficial activities regulated by separate statutory provisions.


Resistant to disinformation. Fact-checking workshop before the parliamentary elections for local media

Wysokość grantu: 74 310 USD Okres realizacji: June - December 2023

Together with Google News Initiative, we have developed a series of training courses for local media journalists. The objective of the training program is to provide support to local media outlets in identifying and combating disinformation ahead of the parliamentary elections. The program will consist of 20 on-site workshops held across Poland, along with 2 webinars. Selected participants will receive invitations to attend a conference in Warsaw and to collaborate with the portal. The initiative is funded by the Google News Initiative.

Missing Children Europe

Wysokość grantu: 20 000 PLN (amount for partner activities) Okres realizacji: July 2023 - September 2023

Every two minutes, a child goes missing in Europe, equating to 250,000 disappearances each year. That is why the ITAKA Foundation and the Demagog Association, as a partner, have initiated collaboration under the Missing Children Europe grant. The objective is to enhance awareness and promote the 116,000 phone number.

AI-based antidote to disinformation online

Wysokość grantu: 104 500,00 EUR Okres realizacji: January 2023 - February 2026

The spread of fake news (disinformation) on social media  has an impact on society at both individual and collective levels. Disinformation, defined as the  deliberate dissemination of false information, is actually spreading much faster than humans can monitor and analyze it. In this context, the EU-funded AI4TRUST project will develop a hybrid system based on collaboration between machines and humans, along with advanced solutions grounded in artificial intelligence. This system will serve as support for media professionals and decision-makers in the fight against disinformation. It will enable near real-time monitoring of numerous online social media platforms. It will filter social noise and analyze multimedia content (text, audio, visual) in multiple languages using innovative AI algorithms.


Wysokość grantu: 102 224,43 EUR Okres realizacji: January 2023 - June 2024

FAKE kNOw MORE is a media literacy project aimed at educators working with youth from less privileged backgrounds, including staff in day care centers. It is implemented with a grant from the European Media and Information Fund, managed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The leader of the project is the School with Class Foundation. The educational materials along with the methodology developed as part of the project will be adapted to the needs of local communities in three countries by the project partners: Fakescape (Czech Republic), Smilemundo Association (Spain), Adfaber Association (Romania).

IFCN Climate Misinformation Grant Program

Wysokość grantu: 80 000,00 USD Okres realizacji: 31.05.2022 – 31.05.2023

As part of the grant from the “Climate Misinformation Grant Program” funded by the International Fact-Checking Network and Meta Platforms, the Demagog Association, in collaboration with the Crazy Nauka portal and the Defence24 Group, will undertake the project “Climate Factbot – an educational chatbot”. The project  involves the creation of an educational chatbot and the development of the largest database aggregating information on climate change in Poland by experts and journalists working to counter climate disinformation. The project aims to reduce false information on climate change and conduct educational activities using innovative tools.

European Fact-Checking Standards Network

Wysokość grantu: 41 935 EUR, including estimated contribution of the organization 13 978 EUR Okres realizacji: 2022-2023

The European Fact-Checking Standards Network project is an initiative aimed at uniting  fact-checking and open-source intelligence (OSINT) organizations to facilitate dialogue and establish standards for independence, transparency, and methodological and journalistic quality that must guide our efforts to combat disinformation.

The outcomes of this discussion will be formalized into a Code of Professional Ethics for European fact-checking and OSINT organizations.

This project is part of the EU’s “Social Media Integrity” program.


Active Citizens - National Fund - Sectoral Project

Wysokość grantu: 50 272,00 EUR Okres realizacji: 15.01.2021-31.12.2023

Under a grant from the Active Citizens – National Fund program funded by the EEA Funds, the Institute for Discourse and Dialogue Foundation, in collaboration with the Demagog Association, will implement the project “NGO Digital Responsibility School”. As part of the project, 4 editions of the “NGO School of Digital Responsibility” will be hosted for organizations with an emphasis on equality, aid, advocacy, and watchdog roles. The project aims to equip representatives of different types of NGOs with knowledge and skills in media education, critical thinking, verifying information sources or opposing media propaganda.

Active Citizens - National Fund

Wysokość grantu: 54 000,00 EUR Okres realizacji: 01.01.2021-30.06.2022

The Demagog Association, under a grant from the Active Citizens – National Fund program financed by the EEA Funds, will implement the project “Facts in public debate.” The project is based on fact-checking initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of public debate and an educational campaign to combat false information and teach critical thinking.

As part of the project, 300 fact-checks will be created, 30 episodes of a podcast with experts and educators will be recorded.  Simultaneously, educational activities will be carried out in the form of an educational campaign, workshops tailored for schoolchildren, students, and senior citizens. An integral aspect of the project involves civic engagement in the form of monitoring public debate and verification of information. The initiative will provide training for over 100 teachers, who will acquire the fact-checking skills necessary to work with students and develop critical thinking skills.


Embassy of the United States of America

Wysokość grantu: 20 460 USD Okres realizacji: 01.07.2020-30.06.2021

The Demagog Association is implementing the “Fact-Checking Academy – Workshops on Media Education for Elementary Schools” – workshops on media education for elementary schools” project in 2020-2021. Thanks to the cooperation, we will conduct classes for students and teachers focusing on topics such as fake news, reliable sources of information, and fact-checking.

Embassy of the United States of America

Wysokość grantu: 12 000 USD Okres realizacji: 29.08.2017-31.03.2018

In 2017, the Demagog Association implemented a project in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy titled “Fact-Checking Academy: How to Deal with False Information”. Through this cooperation, we conducted classes for students and teachers on the topic of fake news, reliable sources of information and fact-checking. During the organization of the workshops, we collaborated with experts on media manipulation and fact-checking. The workshop was also carried out in cooperation with American Corners.

The Batory Foundation

Wysokość grantu: 141 400 PLN Okres realizacji: 1.04.2018-31.03.2019

In 2017, the Demagog Association received a grant as part of a grant agreement with the Stefan Batory Foundation. As part of the project, the portal will be expanded, and a communication and fundraising strategy will be developed. Portal analysts  will scrutinize the status of implementing election promises and public statements by politicians. Additionally, the reach of the Fact-Checking Academy will be extended through workshops conducted in 60 cities.

Civil Initiatives Fund

Wysokość grantu: 275 600 zł Okres realizacji: 1.07.2018-31.12.2019

Demagog Association has partnered with the National Freedom Institute on the project “Critical Mind – Citizens in the Fight for Truth!” funded by the Civic Initiatives Fund 2018. The project will monitor local elections, expand the Fact-Checking Academy project with an e-learning platform, and conduct the first study of fake news in Poland. Portal analysts will scrutinize the status of implementing election promises and public statements by politicians. Moreover, the reach of the Fact-Checking Academy will be broadened through workshops conducted in 35 cities.

Other sources of funding

This section lists non-grant funding sources that constitute over 5% of Demagog’s revenue in the last year, along with ongoing collaborations with technology companies.

  • Facebook: Since September 2019, we have been members of Facebook’s Independent Content Verification Program. As part of it, we are engaged in verifying false content (articles, photos, videos) to limit the spread of fakes on social media.
  • Kinzen: Since 2022, we have been collaborating with Kinzen, and from the same year, we continue to receive support from the team since its acquisition by Spotify. Our role involves analyzing potentially harmful content and hate speech written in Polish. 

By accepting any external source of funding, we stipulate that it cannot have any influence on who and how we will evaluate.

All responsibility for the thematic selection of our articles, as well as for the analytical process carried out in them, lies solely with the editorial staff of the Demagog.

Donations and membership fees

The sole consistent income for our association comes from membership fees, amounting to 10 PLN per month, which constitute only a minimal part of the organization’s budget. Currently, the association has 32 members.

Financial reports

Tools and services 

In our work, we utilize various technological solutions for which we have secured preferential access.

  • Google WorkSpace

A cloud-based suite enhancing productivity, including group collaboration software, provided by Google on a free subscription basis.

  • Slack

A cloud-based web tool with a comprehensive set of features and services for team collaboration. The application serves as an internet communicator, facilitating text and voice communication, along with multimedia sharing. Free access to the premium package. 

  • Canva

A tool enabling  the creation of graphic designs. Free access to the premium version of the tool.

  • Amazon Web Service

A cloud platform and web hosting service under the Amazon umbrella. We have received 25,000 USD in AWS service credits valid until the end of June 2024, along with 5,000 USD for business support.

  • NapoleonCat

A suite of tools for social media management, available at a 50% discount.

  • Jira 

A toolkit for work management, offering a 75% discount on cloud services.