We are involved in various international and domestic projects. Want to learn more? Check out our activities.

Useful Social Practices

We have joined the project “Useful Social Practices” organized by the Mazowia Federacy

Internship in the Useful Social Practices project is an opportunity both for students as well as organizations. It is a chance to gain experience via meaningful activities in the organization, which aims for improvement of the quality of public debate in Poland, as well as getting the pass for the studies. The role of Mazowia Federacy is networking students with the organizations, providing formal, organizational and substantive support, as well as partial financing of the costs of internship and providing salaries for its organizers.

Public task financed from the budget of the Masovian Voivodeship.

Fajnie, że wiesz!

It’s Cool You Know!

Play an educational game developed by the team and build immunity against fake news.

How does it work?

  • Discover some tips that will assist you in differentiating between false and true information.
  • Test yourself! Select a topic and participate in our quiz. Evaluate what is fake news based on real examples from the internet.


FAKE kNOw MORE is a media literacy project aimed at educators working with youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, including day care center staff.

  • The materials, activities, and curriculum tools we have prepared will help youth understand how emotions and personal experiences shape our susceptibility to disinformation.
  • The leader of the project is Szkoła z Klasą Foundation. NGOs from other countries involved are Fakescape from the Czech Republic, Smilemundo from Spain, and ADFABER from Romania. Our partners will tailor the educational materials along with the methodology to the local context, so that young people from the Czech Republic, Spain, and Romania will also be better able to take care of their resistance to disinformation.

AI4TRUST: AI-based antidote to disinformation online

The goal of the European AI4TRUST project is to combine human skills with the potential of artificial intelligence to quickly and effectively combat online disinformation.

  • The EU-funded AI4TRUST project will develop a hybrid system based on machine-human collaboration and advanced artificial intelligence-based solutions.
  • This will provide support for media personnel and decision-makers in the fight against disinformation.
  • The system will enable near real-time monitoring of numerous online social media platforms. It will filter social noise and analyze multimedia (text, audio, visual) and multilingual content using innovative AI algorithms.

Go to the project website

Patronage of the academic competition “DETECTOR”

“What to do when a momentous fact is lost in a flood of falsifications, and the voice of truth is drowned out by an incredible uproar…?” – asked Stanislaw Lem in his 1968 novel “Voice of the Lord”. Since 2022, the Institute of Media, Journalism and Social Communication at the University of Gdansk has been working together with the Demagog Association to organize the fact-checking competition “DETECTOR” for first and second-degree students.

  • The primary goal of the event is to promote media education related to the verification of false information and to try to identify young talents in the field of fact-checking.
  • The Demagog Association, as the main patron of the “DETECTOR” competition, provides summer internship opportunities combined with mentoring for the winners of the competition.

Go to the project website

Cooperation with Radio ZET before the elections

In the context of the ongoing pre-election campaign, we have initiated collaboration with Radio Zet as part of a fact-checking project aimed at improving the quality of public debate. We will be fact-checking the statements of politicians.

  • Our analysts will fact-check the statements of politicians, particularly those participating in interviews on programs such as “Gość Radia ZET” (Guest of Radio ZET).
  • Results will be accessible on our website and will also have a dedicated section called “Taka jest prawda” (That’s the truth) on the website, with further discussions on air.
  • The outcomes of this collaboration will also be disseminated through social media.

Promoting the 116 000 Helpline

Every two minutes in Europe, a child goes missing, amounting to 250,000 disappearances each year. That’s why we have initiated a collaboration with the ITAKA Foundation, established with the support of the Missing Children Europe Federation and the European Union.

  • Our objective is to promote the 116,000 helpline number and foster greater awareness regarding child disappearances.
  • In partnership with the ITAKA Foundation – Center for Missing People Search, we have developed numerous educational initiatives, including expert publications targeting parents and peers. These publications aim to draw attention to signs indicating that a child may be planning to run away. Additionally, we conduct activities to verify the most prevalent false information circulating in the media concerning missing children.

Climate chatbot

In collaboration with the Crazy Nauka portal and the Defence24 Group, the Demagog Association has developed an educational chatbot and the largest database aggregating information on climate change in Poland under the project “Climate Factbot – an educational chatbot.”

The project’s objective is to combat false information related to climate change and engage in educational initiatives using innovative tools.

Visit the project website

Docieraj do źródła prawdy!

Get to the Source of Truth!

Since the commencement of military operations, Russia has simultaneously initiated an information war on the internet. The Polish infosphere is witnessing an increasing influx of false information with the aim of discrediting and marginalizing the significance of the war, as well as undermining the trust of the Polish society in Ukrainian citizens.

Disinformation is a powerful weapon that can exert a real influence on the course of our history,  which is why it is so crucial to collectively counter disinformation and curb its harmful effects. On the anniversary of the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, we aim to bring public attention to instances of widespread manipulation and false information.

Nie bądź botem. Włącz myślenie!

Don’t Be a Bot. Turn on Your Thinking!

You don’t have to behave like a robot!

Have you ever shared something online, only to discover that it’s not true? Increasingly, we disseminate fake news as if on autopilot. We click and share. It’s about time to deactivate the automatic mode and switch to thinking.

In collaboration with Aleksandra Stanisławska and Piotr Stanisławski – authors of the Crazy Nauka blog, Małgorzata Kilian from the Demagog Association, Martin Stankiewicz – web developer, Joanna Gutral – psychologist, Katarzyna Gandor – web developer, and Marcin Napiórkowski – cultural semiotician, we have recorded educational video discussions. From these, you’ll learn how to combat fake news.

Why do we need such a campaign?

In the era of information overload, distinguishing truth from falsehood has become increasingly challenging. That’s why we’ve launched an educational campaign with the goal of fostering a natural reflex for verifying content on the Internet.