Strona główna Fake News Is that a rocket explosion in Przewodów? No, it’s an old photo!

Is that a rocket explosion in Przewodów? No, it’s an old photo!

Is that a rocket explosion in Przewodowo? No, it’s an old photo!

Is that a rocket explosion in Przewodów? No, it’s an old photo!

The post presents a photograph of an explosion near Kyiv as a photo showing an explosion in Poland.


  • The Hooligans Facebook profile published a post which contained an alleged photo of the explosion in Przewodów.
  • In reality, the picture is from February 24 this year and shows an explosion near Kyiv.

The text was originally published in Polish. The original publication can be found here.

There is a lot of information being circulated on social media about the explosion in Przewodów. We are still waiting for official confirmation from the authorities of what actually happened in the village. Despite this, you can come across sensationalist reports on the internet which, taking advantage of the current confusion, spread false information.

Post zawierający fotografię wybuchu, rzekomo zrobioną w trakcie eksplozji w Przewodowie.


One post on Facebook allegedly leads to a video of the entire scene. As we read: “Bombing in Poland near the border, two people are dead, video +18.” The whole thing is framed by a photograph supposing to show the explosion in Przewodów. In reality, the photograph shows another event.

This is not a photograph of the explosion in Przewodów

A post suggests that the attached photograph shows the explosion on November 15. However, the photograph actually comes from February 24 and shows an explosion near Kyiv. 

The photo was shared, among others, in the CNN gallery documenting the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As we can read in the description of the photograph: “A photo provided by the Ukrainian President’s office appears to show an explosion in Kyiv early on February 24.”

The photo can also be found in the resources of the ZUMA Press agency, whose photojournalists capture the effects of the Russian invasion. The photograph was also shared on February 24 on the 9News channel on the American CNBC television.

Let us not get caught up in sensational news

The post also included a link allegedly leading to a recording of the entire incident. In fact, it transfers to a channel on Telegram which, according to the description, contains “exceptionally drastic footage from the Darknet.”

It could be that the shocking message and the mismatched photo were intended to encourage users to join the channel’s community. In this way, the sensational event became some kind of advertisement.

Remember that unverified information provided in emotion can contribute to panic. Check official announcements and reliable sources.

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