Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins on investigative journalism from home

27.07.2021 godz. 17:05

This week we bring you a special edition episode of our Demagog Podcast -with a conversation with the one and only Eliot Higgins! He’s the founder of Bellingcat, the most famous and renowned collective of investigative journalists in the world. By using only open source and social media data and other tools at their „at-home” disposal, they have brought to light those responsible for shooting down the MH17 flight in Ukraine, uncovered people behind the poisoning of Sergiei Skripal and Alexei Navalny, while also exposing, how Assad’s regime in Syria used illegal chemical weapons on civilians.

Eliot Higgins is the founder of Bellingcat, a team of investigative journalists who base their work on information from open sources. Their achievements include the discovery of truth behind the downing of MH17 over Donbas and PS752 airplane over Tehran, identifying the agents responsible for poisoning Sergei Skripal and Alexei Navalny, the use of chemical weapons in Syrian Civil War and the use of american weapons to target civilians in the war in Yemen, as well as many others.

Bellingcat is possibly the most known team of investigative journalists in the world. Their operational model focuses almost entirely on an innovative method of gathering intel and data that seemed very unlikely only 10 years ago.

Bellingcat uses open source material, image analysis, geolocalization and social media to solve the riddles deemed too hard for some of the best detectives in the world. Eliot Higgins tells us about what he thinks on the development of internet privacy and censorship from Bellingcat’s perspective, why it was so easy to track and identify Russian spies on social media and if he thinks that the effects of Bellingcat’s work will help in executing justice. He also gives us a sneak peak into their new venture, Bellingcat Productions.

More about Bellingcat and their work:

Listen now to the special demagog podcast episode!

Projekt realizowany z dotacji programu Aktywni Obywatele – Fundusz Krajowy finansowanego z Funduszy EOG.

Projekt realizowany z dotacji programu Aktywni Obywatele – Fundusz Krajowy finansowanego z Funduszy EOG.

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